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Elbert County Assessor Online Appeal

The Appeal Period for Real Property is May 1 through June 1.

The Appeal Period for Real Property will close at 5pm on 3 June 2019.  This form will not be available after that date.

The Appeal Period for Personal Property is June 15 through July 5.


Welcome to the Elbert County Assessor's online appeal application.  This application may only be used from May 1st through June 1st for appeals of your real property Notice of Value (NOV).  In order to file an appeal you will need to provide your Personal Identification Number (PIN), which can be located on your NOV.  We suggest you read and understand the rules of the appeal process prior to submittal of this form.


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To help estimate the market value of your property, please list sales of similar properties that have sold in your neighborhood.


Complete only if you have an assigned agent.

I authorize the below-named agent to act on my behalf regarding the property tax valuation of the property described herein for the year...


I, understand owner or agent of this property, state that the information and facts contained herein and on any attachments constitute true and complete statements concerning the described property.

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